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Sneaky Good Pod 57: Where the Hell is Paul?

We’re not dead yet

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Oh, yeah.

After a long hiatus, the Sneaky Good Pod returns as a solo endeavor. Poseur talks about baseball, history, and what makes a successful program anyway.

It’s on Soundcloud. Hey, follow us on iTunes or Stitcher! Or me. Or I can just keep referring to myself in the plural like the royal we.

As you can tell, Poseur sucks at the technical side of anything. It’s not that he doesn’t understand machines, it’s that he can bring forth error codes that supposedly do not exist whenever he touches technology. It’s kind of amazing, to be honest. Yet Poseur will continue to refer to himself in third person.

But this means openings for the ATVS community! Anyone want to take over the producing duties for literally no pay? Or, let’s be honest, we probably need another voice on there. Should I recruit Billy for this thing and we could just talk about our kids? Or is there someone out there in the commentariat that wants a speaking gig on a sneaky good podcast? Let us know in the comments!

Let’s be less sneaky and more good.