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Sneaky Good 58: Rebooted, Recharged, Re-Something

An honest to God expert opines!

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Oh my God, two episodes in two weeks! We are on a roll!

We’ve got a new producer (say hi to Chris!) and a new guest host (Seth Galina, who gets very testy if you call him a French Canadian). We break down the mysteries of the LSU offense and what to expect in 2019 from Joe Burrow and crew.

Maybe we talk a little LSU baseball and why in the hell does LSU have so many guys named Hilliard over the years. Shout out to Dalton. You rule, man.

I also maybe unintentionally place a curse on the team. Just as a fair warning. Get you pitchforks ready.

It’s on Soundcloud. Hey, follow us on iTunes or Stitcher! We’re there, too!