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Nike drops the new Air Zoom Pegasus 36 LSU shoe collection!

Here’s where you can order a new pair before the season kicks off.


The time to rev up the tailgate practice has hit. Make sure the generator is in good working order, check the tent canopies and folding chairs for any dry-rot. Check the seasoning on your cast-iron, and try out the burner to make sure everything is in the proper working order. Start working on your opponent-specific playlists. Try out some new recipes and figure out some new brews and bevs to try out. Remember, tailgate practice makes tailgates perfect.

It’s also time to get that fashion right. Gotta look good to tailgate good AMIRITE? Check out the new Nike shirts and polos — dry-fit is the name of the game for those September dates. The big swoosh isn’t the cheapest product, but they hold up well, in my opinion. Especially when it comes to the dry-fit stuff, because some of the other brands can fit a little funny.

And of course...

The annual Nike LSU-themed shoes have dropped!

And they’re available for men and women in a new style as well. Check them out here!