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Better Know a Freshman: Cordale Flott

The long cornerback was a huge target of Corey Raymond.


When Corey Raymond sets his sights on a defensive back he wants, he can be quite relentless in his pursuit. Sometimes that is what it takes to reel in someone committed to another SEC powerhouse, and Cordale Flott was one of those guys.

The Story

If there is one positional group that LSU could go into Alabama and reel in, it would be in the secondary in due part to Raymond. Flott saw 11 SEC offers come his way following his junior season before committing to Auburn in April.

Unfortunately for those Tigers, Raymond and LSU came calling nearly a month later with their offer. After an official visit to Baton Rouge in June, Flott announced LSU his leader, de-committed from Auburn and committed to LSU all on June 24, two days after he started his visit. Things grinded to a halt for Flott, who gave Florida a second visit before signing in December.

The Numbers

110 - 101 = Franchise Player. One of the best players to come along in years, if not decades. Odds of having a player in this category every year is slim. This prospect has “can’t miss” talent.

100 - 98 = Five-star prospect. One of the top 30 players in the nation. This player has excellent pro-potential and should emerge as one of the best in the country before the end of his career. There will be 32 prospects ranked in this range in every football class to mirror the first round of the NFL Draft.

97 - 90 = Four-star prospect. One of the top 300 players in the nation. This prospect will be an impact-player for his college team. He is an All-American candidate who is projected to play professionally.

89 - 80 = Three-star prospect. One of the top 10% players in the nation. This player will develop into a reliable starter for his college team and is among the best players in his region of the country. Many three-stars have significant pro potential.

79 - below = Two-star prospect. This player makes up the bulk of Division I rosters. He may have little pro-potential, but is likely to become a role player for his respective school.

247 Composite Rating: ***

247 Composite Ranking: .8735

Sometimes rankings just don’t make sense with a recruit. Flott was offered by every SEC school except Vanderbilt and we are to believe he is the No. 60 ranked cornerback in the nation? The only thing I can really draw from is his stature was holding him back, but as you’ll see, his size is no impediment.

The Film

For someone listed at just 160 pounds (more on that later), Flott is an absolute blanket out there on any receiver he lines up against. His physicality is impressive for a player of his statue, running press coverage on a lot of his defensive clips. Flott even lined up at receiver for Saraland, showing off his athleticism and speed.

The Future

The starting corners are set this season with Fulton and Stingley on the outside while Kary Vincent Jr. holds the slot corner. When it comes to depth, Raymond will have to rely on his non-Stingley freshmen to backup the starters, meaning early playing time is there for the taking. Flott will definitely have to add on weight to deal with the rigors of the SEC as I don’t think a 160 lb. cornerback can last too long.

High End: Flott puts on good weight, surpasses Jay Ward and Raydarious Jones to become the first outside corner off the bench and give him a leg up before Elias Ricks gets on campus as a Fulton replacement.

Low End: Flott just can’t surpass the other two freshmen fighting for playing time and gets himself buried on the depth chart with the three 2020 corners coming in.

Realistic: I just can’t see Flott cracking the starting lineup in his first couple of years barring something unforeseen, and that is not a shot at his talent. Even with Fulton leaving, I don’t think anyone on this roster compares to what Elias Ricks will bring to work opposite of Stingley. However, there have been several LSU corners over the past decade that have found an NFL career despite not being a starter. Flott definitely has that potential down the line. He might be limited to special teams early on, but finds a role as an upperclassmen.