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SB Nation’s FanPulse Preseason Rankings

How you, the reader, feel about the upcoming college football season.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Not too long ago we asked you, the kind, gentle, smart, handsome reader to put together your own Top 25 rankings. Which you did, because you’re a productive member of our community here at SB Nation.

Well, the results came in:

Some notes:

  • A full breakdown of how each team site voted can be found here.
  • You guys voted LSU at No. 5, the highest of any blog.
  • The lowest I saw LSU at was No. 13...coincidentally, not a single blog outside A Sea Of Blue put LSU outside the Top 10. Hmm...
  • Every blog except Roll Bama Roll and...the Rutgers blog...voted Clemson 1.
  • The top four is pretty much the same as the coach’s poll, but LSU is four spots lower in the SB Nation poll and Notre Dame is three spots higher.
  • Good Bull Hunting voted A&M 6th. Sure, why not?
  • Speaking of, GBH voted Texas at No. 15 while Burnt Orange Nation put the Aggies at No. 13. MAKE OUUUUUT.
  • Not participating from the SEC: For Whom The Cowbell Tolls, Anchor of Gold.
  • I think by and large this showcases how little we know because at the tail end of the polls each blog voted in favor of their conference mates (Nebraska in the Big 10, Mississippi State in the SEC, etc.)

I’m sure as the season progresses we’ll see some pretty radical swings in the ballot results, so keep voting and by all means, sign up if you haven’t yet.