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College Football Coaches Tell Us Which Chicken Sandwich Is Their Favorite

With the Great Chicken Sandwich War of 2019 well underway, we asked some of the biggest names in College Football which bird-and-bun is best.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Popeyes now has a chicken sandwich that is revolutionizing the food industry. A series of tweets from pretty much every fast food chain on the planet has launched the website into a heated debate over which sandwich is best.

Okay it’s actually not that heated because almost everyone I’ve seen agrees Popeyes is the best, but that didn’t stop us from asking some of the biggest names in college football where their favorite chicken sandwich comes from. Let’s see what the coaches had to say!

Ed Orgeron


Translated - I’m a tried and true Louisiana guy, and there’s not a doubt in my mind that Popeyes has the best chicken sandwich out there. Not only is it the best sandwich on its own, where else can you get one with red beans and mashed potatoes? Just like on the football field, you can’t beat the Boot, baby. Go Tigers.

Kirby Smart

I gotta be honest, picking a favorite is pretty hard. They’re all so good... why do I have to pick one? I’ll tell you what I do — I buy myself a nice, tasty Chick-fil-A sandwich. But before I get home, I pick up a savory sandwich from Popeyes to save for later. That way, I can enjoy Chick-fil-A for lunch, then save my Popeyes for later when I’m done with my Chick-fil-A. Flawless system!

Ryan Day

I go over to Kirby Smart’s house and steal the Popeyes sandwich he leaves in his fridge every afternoon while eating Chick-fil-A. What an idiot!

Jim Harbaugh

Chicken?? Absolutely not! I’ve told you people before — chicken is a nervous bird. Destroying that monstrosity of an animal is on of my most passionate endeavors in this sport. I was furious when my team was put in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl last year. How am I supposed to fire my team up to play football when we’re distracted by that fidgety fowl plastered everywhere?

But Coach, your 41-7 win in the 2016 Citrus Bowl was sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings...

Yeah and? That food comes from buffaloes, not chickens.

Dabo Swinney

How could you go wrong with a faithful organization like Chick-fil-A? It’s not just their dedication to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but the fact that they are committed to serving the customer with a great attitude. I never sit down for a meal at their restaurant without first urging everyone in the establishment to bow their heads and join me in prayer. Occasionally we’ll have to stop and do it again after a couple bites if I find myself enjoying my Earthly desire without properly appreciating the Lord for blessing me with it.

Gus Malzahn

My answer’s kind of a cheat, but sometimes at Waffle House I’ll take my chicken and stick it between two waffles and make my own chicken-and-waffle sandwich!

Les Miles

Ah, the chicken. What a marvelous creation! There’s just nothing like taking time out of a busy weekend to enjoy some fine fried poultry served between two pieces of leavened flour. I would say the chicken sandwich is one of my favorite meals. I’m often conflicted when I see it on the menu at restaurants because it’s hard to choose between my favorite sustenance — the chicken sandwich, a filet mignon, and fish sticks. Hard to go wrong with any of those!

Jimbo Fisher

My favorite chicken sandwich? I don’t know, what’s the most expensive one? That one I guess.

Tom Herman

All chicken sandwiches taste the same. That’s not the important question. What I’m curious about is what drink you’re using to wash it down. Some of these sandwiches make you quite thirsty, and pairing it with a Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper just isn’t gonna cut it if you’re a Longhorn. I don’t care what you’re eating as long as you’re pissin’ clear.

Mack Brown

I seen on the Twitters that everyone’s talkin’ about this Pupeyes sandwich. But here in Nawth Carolina, there ain’t nothin’ like Bujangles. Chicken and a biscuit for breakfast, lunch and dinner? That’s what I’m all about!

Gary Patterson

Don’t care where it’s from so long as it’s not spicy. The heat from the spicy flavor just makes me sweat too damn much.

Mark Dantonio

My favorite chicken sandwich is from Jack in the Box. Unlike the other fast food chains, there’s never anyone in there. The walls are falling apart and the employees are openly smoking cigarettes at the register. It’s wonderful. It perfectly captures the essence of what society should be — broken, decrepit and on the brink of collapse. The sun doesn’t shine through the window and dust flies up from the tiles on the floor each time I take a step. When I get my sandwich, I know men had to sweat and bleed to give it to me. Every bite is delicious.

Dana Holgerson

Gotta say, I’ve really been enjoying Whataburger’s sandwiches lately. I guess I should be calling it Whatasandwich!

*hearty chortle*

Also it’s right next to the gas station with the cheapest smokes.

Mike Gundy

I’ll eat any kind of chicken, baby! This is America and I’ve got the freedom to eat as many as I want! Yeeeeeee-haw!

Will Muschamp

What the fuck is a chicken?

Nick Saban

You know I like Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. Both restaurants have good sandwiches. So why are you people continuing trying to get me to say something that doesn’t respect one of them? I’m not going to, so QUIT ASKIN’!