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Tiger Tracklist: Georgia Southern

I was just underrated then I turned into a beast.

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Louisiana State vs Central Florida Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I was just down, down bad

I had to tighten the fuck up, but I’m here for the crown.

Nine months ago we drew the curtains shut on the 2018 football season.

LSU had a good season by any metric, going 10-3 and beating six ranked teams, including then second-ranked Georgia by 20 points. But by LSU’s standards, it wasn’t good enough.

Alabama pitched another shutout in Tiger Stadium, again. Florida’s offense figured out Dave Aranda and the Tigers couldn’t close out Texas A&M, losing a seven-overtime marathon to close the season.

LSU is not nor has ever been comfortable with being a second-tier team. Sometimes this gets in the way of the fans’ enjoyment of the season, but at the end of the day the standards are justified. With all the resources available to LSU, they should be in the mix for championship every single year.

Ed Orgeron knows this.

That was then, this is now, this for sure, let ‘em know

Here I go, raise ‘em up, raise ‘em up

There I go, raise ‘em up, raise ‘em up

That was them, this is me, this is king, you ain’t know

So what did he do? He went down the road and poached Joe Brady, one of the masterminds behind the best offenses in the NFL.

Now, we’ve had hyped-up offensive coordinators before and they didn’t really pan out. But after three years, there is plenty of reason to believe this is the year Ed Orgeron figures it out.

LSU is returning a good quarterback, experienced receivers, a healthy offensive line, and two stud running backs. The defense is still elite and headed by one of the best defensive coordinators in college football.

There is no reason to believe LSU won’t be able to break through this year. They check all the boxes. We probably won’t see all there is to offer with the playbook Saturday night, but it will be the first step forward, onward and upward.

Are you in?

Y’all had a year, y’all had a year

Y’all had a year, but you let it go by