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Link Gumbo: 9/10/19

Recapping everything from LSU’s huge weekend

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You probably already know this by now, but over the weekend LSU went into Austin and beat the 9th ranked Longhorns 45-38. Joe Burrow threw for a lot of yards and the LSU offense showed America what they’ve been promising to show all offseason. It was a busy weekend so let’s recap all the news, notes, and stories you may have missed.

Since most people saw the game or already know what happened by this point, we will pick up after the game with Coach O’s post game presser. You can read the full post game transcript at Geaux 247 by clicking here. Coach O spent time praising Joe Brady and Steve Ensminger and also gave us some insight into what was going through his head before that 3rd and 17 that resulted in a long Justin Jefferson score.

If you are interested in more quotes and post game commentary make sure you checkout the Sunday Video Round-Up that PodKATT put together.

Going into Saturday, a lot of people still did not believe in Ed Orgeron, and there are probably still a few doubters out there now, but Scott Rabalais of The Advocate gave his thoughts on what the win Saturday meant for Coach O. Rabalais discussed how this game is O’s signature win so far and the fact that it was on the road against Tom Herman, who many LSU fans hoped to hire in 2016 just made it that much more validating.

Through two games, Joe Burrow has proven to be an absolute machine.

Burrow also won SEC Offensive Player of The Week for a second week in a row. LSU kicker Cade York was named the SEC’s Special Teams Player Of The Week.

If you want to read more on Joe Burrow you can read this story from Brody Miller of The Athletic about why Burrow’s break out should surprise no one ($).

With the win on Saturday, LSU jumped up to 4th in the AP Poll and 5th in the Coaches Poll.

At the end of the day these polls are meaningless, but until they begin the weekly CFP rankings, we will have to make due.

The biggest takeaway from Saturday has to be the offense. After years of promising to be different and constantly letting fans down, LSU used their modernized offense to propel them to victory. The sentiment from most LSU fans over the Summer was “I need to see it to believe it” and well, now we have all seen it and it looks spectacular. Yes, Texas is a Big 12 team but the Longhorns defense is talented and their DC Todd Orlando is no slouch. LSU made a statement Saturday.

On Monday, LSU revealed that they’ll be wearing white helmets and pants with the traditional purple uni’s for this weekend’s matchup with Northwestern St.

To wrap things up I want to talk about Lee Corso picking LSU with his headgear pick. I don’t know how many of you got nervous when you saw him put the Tiger head on but I did. It feels like recently things have not gone well for LSU when Corso puts on Mike’s head. Maybe that’s just because the vast majority of Gameday LSU games have come against Bama, but I can breathe now knowing there is no Lee Corso LSU curse.