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Tiger Tracklist: Northwestern State

Down south posted and we’re counting our figures

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Texas Ronald Cortes-USA TODAY Sports

I left in a “what’s this” and came back in a “what’s that?”

A little switch up move, and that’s a stunt double pack.

Well, that happened.

In case you just woke up from a coma and your first action was to log on to And The Valley Shook! to see what you missed in LSU football, the Tigers went to Austin, Texas and beat the Longhorns 35-38. Quarterback Joe Burrow went 31-37 for 471 yards and four touchdowns. Three LSU receivers had over 100 receiving yards. In what used to be an obvious clock milking situation, LSU threw the ball on 3rd and 17 and scored.

If you’re not waking up from a coma, well read that last paragraph anyway because that’s still wild to think about.

When LSU departed Baton Rouge, the purple and gold faithful were cautiously optimistic. When they returned, they were outright confident. After years of promises broken and an ever-evolving apathy, actual legitimate change is here.

And I talk that because I’m ‘bout that.

I ain’t hard to find,

You know where the south’s at.

I’ll just be curt here: LSU is going to beat Northwestern State. It would take an act of god for anything else to happen. This week is an extended celebration.

Get out there, party with your pals that went to NSU, get well hydrated, go to the stadium and enjoy the three drives that Burrow and the rest of the ones play in. Gawk at the uniforms and enjoy the beers at Tiger Stadium.

Which hey coma guy, that’s a thing now.

When I’m out of town I’m gonna hold it down

because i’m probably loaded and I’m probably hollering out...