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Sneaky Good 68: What It’s Like to Root for Vanderbilt

We won’t even stoop to a commie joke

We are kicking it lo-fi this week, as Thomas Stephenson from our pals over at Anchor of Gold joins us to talk a little Vandy football. And let’s be honest, when I say a little, I mean a little.

Chris is outnumbered two-to-one by lawyers on this episode, which was recorded entirely within the state of Texas. We really do need to get past our border, but why? Texas has everything we could possibly need now that LSU owns it entirely.

We chat about Vanderbilt fandom, why the Vandy whistler is the single worst human being on earth, and Poseur’s creepy recall of the 1997 LSU-Vandy game. As we say, “No one hates Vandy,” but that’s because they aren’t any good. But their fans are pretty cool. Kick back with some brown liquor, bear with our technical difficulties this week, and chill to some dudes talking college football fandom.