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Behind the Box Score: Georgia Southern

Anatomy of a blowout

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Louisiana State
I love you, man
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I know it’s just Georgia Southern, but if you take a look around the SEC this weekend, teams should take any bit of good news they can get. This was about as good as good news gets.

So, let’s take a look at the box score in all of its glory. There’s not much to complain about here.

14. The number of LSU players with a reception. Throw in 7 players with at least one carry, and this was an offense that spread it around. It wasn’t just an illusion of the blowout either, Joe Burrow was spreading the ball around from the first drive. It’s a slogan, but it is also the truth right now: Everybody Eats.

98. Georgia Southern’s total offensive yards. LSU allowed just 1.96 yards per play on a mere 50 total plays. Only four teams in the nation allowed less yards in the first weekend, and no one has allowed less passing yards (24). This just in: the defense is really good.

23-27-278. Joe Burrow’s statline. Yeah, that’s pretty good. His five touchdowns tied the LSU single game record, and he did it in essentially one half. It’s impossible to find something to complain about there.

10. Jacob Phillips tackles. For a guy who supposedly had not locked down a starting spot, he led the team in tackles. Due to only facing 50 offensive snaps, there wasn’t much chance for the defense to rack up huge numbers, but Grant Delpit, of course, managed a TFL and a fumble recovery.

307. LSU’s first half offensive yards. LSU finished the game with 472, so this was a name your score kind of game. LSU racked up a huge number of points and yards, and that’s with essentially taking the second half off. This was a blowout from moment one, and blowouts feel good.