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Tiger Tracklist: Texas

Get my gun, we about to rob a Wells Fargo...

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

You have to eat the dream.

You have to sleep the dream.

You have to dream the dream.

You have to see it when nobody else sees it.

You have to feel it when it’s not tangible.

You have to believe it when you cannot see it.

You gotta be possessed with the dream.

So, it finally happened.

After being promised a new offense for the better part of a decade and not getting it, Santa finally came to town. We’ve (hopefully) only seen part of it but we got our long-awaited wish.

LSU finally has the long-sought after marriage of a competent offense and a suffocating defense. Go ahead, take a deep breath and enjoy that sentence.

Okay, now the moment’s gone. This is where LSU should have been the entire time with the resources and recruits available. As frustrating as every year between 2008 and 2018 has been, the lackluster results gave LSU a cover of “we can still improve”. Every bitter November eventually turned over to a hopeful April, only to continue the cycle. Same soup just reheated.

The rest of the nation long ago abandoned any belief that LSU was capable of change, and for good reason. Who could blame them? LSU offensively was no different than Cal defensively. It was just accepted that it is what it is.

But after lying to ourselves and saying “No, THIS time it will be different”, we can finally say it with confidence. We’re not crying tiger anymore. Change is here.

It took it’s sweet time, but the improvement came. Now it’s time for getting the results that the program deserves. There is no more prolonging the inevitable. There is no more plank to walk, all that’s left to do is take the leap of faith.

Can’t stop me now.

I said I got you now.

I’m right here, at your door,

I won’t leave, I want more.

What’s up danger?

Georgia Southern is a good team. LSU is better. LSU beat Georgia Southern like LSU should beat Georgia Southern.

But it wasn’t the real test. That comes Saturday. There is nothing more to hide with the playbook. We’re fresh out of vanilla.

I don’t like bringing up all-time winning percentage, but if LSU wants to make a statement, this is the time to do so. Texas has the third highest winning percentage in all of college football at .705. The game is in Austin, at Darrell K. Royal-Texas Stadium at 6:30 on ABC. College GameDay will be there. The most famous Texas, and ostensibly college fan in the nation will be the guest picker. The head coach on the other sideline is a coach that LSU coveted, famously so.

There is no bigger stage to play on until New Year’s.

This is the game where LSU can step forward and say “we belong.” It’s there for the taking.

I came, I saw, I conquered, I balled.