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Eating with Ed, Week 3

An abundance of excitement surrounds the LSU Tigers after their 45-38 win over the Texas Longhorns on the road Saturday night.

A lot went well for the Tigers, particularly with their up-tempo offense under the leadership of quarterback Joe Burrow.

Orgeron noted that Steve Ensminger has let Joe Brady call the plays.

“Steve Ensminger has no ego. He didn’t want any credit,” he said. “And believe me, he is the architect of everything, man. He gets it done. He’s the general in there. But you know what, a good general is going to let smart people do some stuff, and Joe Brady is talented, smart. When it comes time to call the play, Steve lets him call it. He makes that decision, and it worked out fine.”

Even after such a solid performance in Austin, there are still several things that need fixing as the Tigers head into the third week of the season.

One of those is pass rush.

“We got what we call a bull rush from the inside guys and not let him run out the pocket, but it didn’t work. When that doesn’t work, you don’t have good pass rush. We had some good rushes on the edge, not so good rushes on the edge, but we weren’t able to get off the block and make the play ineligible as we did. That was the first thing. If we do it again, I would go ahead and rush them the whole time.”

Coverage is another area Orgeron wants his team to improve in.

“They had some good schemes, which we should have taken away,” he said. We didn’t. We misjudged the ball. We made some mistakes on alignment and leverage, and they made some good plays.”

The team suffered on the injury front as well, and there are some players who will be held out of practice.

“You’re not going to see Glen Logan or Rashard Lawrence,” Orgeron said. “I don’t know if any of them are going to be ready for the game. K’Lavon is questionable. He’ll be in a boot. You’ll see him in a boot today. But he could be available for the game. I need to find that out. But the rest of the guys are going to be okay, I think.”

The status of sophomore Ed Ingram also remains unclear, and nothing has been made official.

Ingram was arrested in August of 2018 two counts of aggravated sexual assault.

“We’re hearing things are going to be positive,” Orgeron said. “We’re hearing we may hear something this week, but I don’t know. That thing is going on for such a long time, I don’t know. Until we get the final say-so, we can’t confirm anything.”

The Tigers are set to face the Demons at 6:30 p.m. CT on Saturday in Tiger Stadium.


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