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We Need to Talk About LSU’s Very Good Peach Bowl Locker Room Celebration

A different kind of All-22.

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff Semifinal-Oklahoma vs Louisiana State Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Winning is fun. I don’t think I’m saying anything controversial with this particular hot take. The LSU football team has done a whole lot of winning this year and its been a whole lot of fun.

And while its certainly been fun for us, I think we forget just how much fun this season must be for the players. You know, the ones actually responsible for the fun. These are college kids, and I’d imagine this ride is the most fun they’ve had in their lives.

While social media is generally awful, one good thing that’s come from it is seeing players celebrate in the locker room after games. There’s been some gems that have come out in recent years. There was this very good dance by then Kansas freshman basketball player Ben McLemore:

There was this, from North Carolina basketball head coach Roy Williams:

And the New Orleans Saints have been an absolute delight the past two years, blaring “Choppa Style” by New Orleans native Choppa in the locker room after wins.

We got a glimpse into the fun the football team had after the Chick Fil A Peach Bowl when Grant Delpit tweeted out a video of the players in the locker room. To date it has 1.2 million views, 14.2 thousand retweets and 46.5 thousand likes.

There’s a lot going on here! I’ve watched this about a dozen times since last night and here are some observations that stand out:

  • Right away you can tell which players on the roster are from New Orleans.
  • Those players include Andre Anthony, Kristian Fulton, JaMarr Chase and Justin Jefferson.
  • Jamal Pettigrew, also a New Orleans native, has the trophy to his ear. That’s funny, who doesn’t love prop comedy?
  • I’m dying at Jefferson and Chase. Specifically at the 31 second to 38 second mark and the 46 second to 54 second mark.
  • Kristian Fulton brings the heat at the 42 second mark. Fulton’s a more reserved guy so that’s a welcome change in personality.
  • Chase hits the Choppa Style at the 58 second mark. That’s very New Orleans. Give him next year’s Biletnikoff award.
  • Marcel Brooks bursts into the video like the Kool Aid Man at the 1:02 mark. He’s only in the video for three second but dominates while on screen. In basketball we call that a heat check.
  • He gets lost in the background, but Breiden Fehoko is very funny, despite being overshadowed by Fulton.
  • I would die for Andre Anthony.
  • Whatever faults NFL Scouts might find in Grant Delpit I would refer them to this and that would trump any and all concerns.

In conclusion: I love this team.