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2020 SEC Baseball Preview: Alabama

With baseball season on the horizon, we’re looking closely at the 13 other SEC teams. Up first, Alabama

Crimson Tide Photos / UA Athletics

Kicking off our league-wide baseball previews with Roger Myers of Roll Bama Roll. You can find him on Twitter @Rogerpatmyers.

1. Alabama had yet another rough go of things last year, finishing 7-23 in the brutal SEC. How does the Tide improve in 2020?

Pretty much have to be, right? Lol. Seriously with experience and Coach Brad Bohannon’s recruiting chops the team is starting to resemble a legitimate SEC roster.

2. The schedule sure doesn’t do Alabama any favors. Bama has to go Arkansas, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt and LSU. How does Alabama manage that?

This years schedule is better than last years, believe it or not. Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina dropped off, kept Vanderbilt and Kentucky, and added Missouri and Tennessee. Obviously the road trips this year are brutal. The key for Bama is to not get swept in the road series, and figure out how to take 2-3 at home.

3. Who’s the one guy on the pitching staff you’d trust above anyone else on the roster to get three outs?

Submarine right hand pitcher, Chase Lee. Lee is a redshirt sophomore with a great story. Walked on as a shortstop and transitioned to a relief pitcher. Also freshman LHP Connor Prielipp will turn some heads this year.

4. How does Alabama become more competitive in baseball?

Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting!! Bohannon is covering the continent ( big in Canada) bringing in players.

5. Finally, what’s a reasonable goal for Alabama in 2020? Can this team get to Hoover?

Definitely expect this team to reach Hoover, and be in serious contender to make a regional. Coach Bo really expects the 2021 season to be the programs coming out party.