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#XFLSU - 9 Tigers Make XFL Opening Rosters

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Don’t let The Shield fool you, football will not end this weekend with The Big Game TM . The possibly insane chairman of the World Wrestling Federation has decided to burn $500 million of his own money to prove to the world that The XFL Should Have Worked, Dammit, and will once again attempt the most difficult feat in all of sport: a successful spring football league.

Like the AAF, UFL, WFL, FxFL, USFL, and even the previous incarnation of the XFL, the new XFL will bring with it the 2 marquee traits of spring football: Experimental rule changes that the NFL will later adopt and take full credit for, and ~450 roster spots for players who just can’t seem to make an NFL team.

The league is comprised of 8 teams with 52 man rosters, plus a league wide “practice squad” team based out of Dallas. Players are signed with the league itself, not the individual teams, which allows for the standardized salary and unified practice squad that all teams will pull from for future roster moves. On Monday, the XFL released the 52 man rosters for the teams and 9 Tigers have found their way to a second chance at football glory.

Dallas Renegades

LSU = 0

SEC = 5

LA = 3

No Tigers on the Dallas team, though their are 3 players form Louisiana D1 teams, including Jazz Ferguson, who played a year at LSU before transferring to Northwestern St and making the Seahawks practice squad last season. The big draw at Dallas is their coaching staff, led by the back from retirement Bob Stoops, with Hal Mumme and Jeff Jagodzinski on the offensive staff.

DC Defenders

LSU = 3

SEC = 6

LA = 3

Dupre, Malachi WR

Brossette, Nick RB

Montgomery, Sam DE

The Washington DC XFL Franchise will start the season with the most LSU talent, including All-Decade DE Sonic Sam Montgomery.

Houston Roughnecks

LSU = 1

SEC = 11

LA = 2

Weathersby, Toby OL

The closest XFL team will have just one Tiger. Weathersby declared early but went undrafted in 2017. He bounced around the NFL and played in the AAF last year on the LSU-loaded Memphis Express. Houston’s head coach is the also out of retirement June Jones.

Los Angeles Wildcats

LSU = 1

SEC = 4

LA = 3

Johnson, Anthony LB

LA is getting The Freak. Johnson declared early after the 2013 season and went undrafted. After signing and playing for Miami for a year and suffering an ankle injury, he bounced around several NFL practice squads and was briefly in the CFL. The Wildcats will be coached by Winston Moss and Norm Chow.

New York Guardians

LSU = 2

SEC = 5

LA = 2

Alexander, Terrence CB

Brumfield, Garrett C

New York probably has the youngest Tigers in the XFL, Alexander having played with LSU in 2019 and Brumfield in 2018. Other notables on the NY roster include QB Luis Perez, quite possibly the best player to be discovered by the AAF last year, and WR Joe Horn Jr, son of Saints legend Joe Horn.

St. Louis BattleHawks

LSU = 0

SEC = 12

LA =2

Despite no LSU players, St Louis leads the XFL in former SEC talent, with names you might remember like Florida S Will Hill and Egg Bowl QBs Jordan Ta’Amu and Nick Fitzgerald. The Battlehawks will play in “The Dome at America’s Center”. As far as I can tell, it will be the first football game in the building since the Rams left in 2016.

Seattle Dragons

LSU = 1

SEC = 8

LA = 1

Colin Jeter TE

YEAH JEETS is the lone Tiger on the roster in Seattle. LSU Kicking God Cole Tracy was on the Seattle roster as well, but did not make the cut for the 53 -man, getting beat out by Garrett Hartley of all people.

Sorry Jeter, I hate Seattle now.

Tampa Bay Vipers

LSU = 1

SEC = 11

LA = 1

Jalen Collins CB

Collins was drafted by Atlanta in 2015 but unfortunately spent almost as much time suspended as he did playing. He’ll have a chance to learn from a legend under Tampa Bay DC (I’m not kidding) JERRY GLANVILLE.