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SB Nation Reacts: Confidence Waning in LSU After Mississippi State Loss

623 passing yards + 10-point loss= panic

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Mississippi State vs LSU Photo by Chris Parent/Collegiate Images/ Getty Images

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Well the nation’s longest winning streak had to come to an end at some point, and boy did things ever come to a complete halt than last Saturday when Mississippi State upset your defending national champion Tigers 44-34.

It’s year two of SB Nation’s weekly reaction polls and you the collective LSU fanbase reacted to week one’s (four’s?) loss. Quite negatively I might add!

The belief in the 2020 LSU football team took a nosedive, falling from 92 percent confidence to 72 percent going into Saturday’s game against the Vanderbilt Commodores. Honestly I don’t blame you, hell my confidence in this team was shaken too. I suppose that’s what surrendering an SEC record 623 passing yards and allowing your quarterback to be sacked seven times does to you.

I’m curious how the poll changes after the Vanderbilt game. What could the football team possibly do against a hapless Vanderbilt team that will make everyone feel more confident that this group could go to the Swamp or the Plains and win? And what if LSU struggles against the Commodores, then what happens? Full disclosure I of course want all LSU athletic teams to win every game they play but...I mean we had a really good week of #traffic after last week’s lost to Clanga. I guess what I’m saying is keep that same energy, win or lose, after tomorrow’s game.