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TJ Finley Named Starting Quarterback for South Carolina

The true freshman is thrust into his first career start.

Chris Parent/LSU athletics

So, in a twist that none of us would have expected preseason, true freshman TJ Finley will start the fourth game of the season for 1-2 LSU. Nobody can doubt the grit of Myles Brennan, but it’s clear that he just can’t go on Saturday due to a torn abdominal muscle.

Enter TJ Finley, the three-star quarterback LSU brought on for depth purposes. Well, this is what depth means! You’re up kid. TJ Finley is a specimen and a half physically, standing at 6’6”, weighing in at 242 per LSU’s website. He is a serviceable athlete from his high school highlight tape and possesses an absolute RPG for a right arm. It takes a lot more than that to be a good QB, and he is in a brutal situation, but let’s see what he can do with that right arm.

While Finley will get the start, expect fellow true freshman Max Johnson to see the field as well. By all accounts Finley has the stronger arm between the two, while Johnson is the better dual-threat. That may be Johnson’s ticket to playing time if Finley isn’t as apt running the read-option part of the offense.

Saturday is just for us to sit back and see what we have, no consequences. TJ Finley, here’s your shot; you aren’t being put in a fair situation and you have insufficient prep, but you’re going out there. Do the thing.