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Sneaky Good 89: House Finley and the Unleashing of the Ponchatoula Pistol

QB controversy! Woooo!!!

Poseur and Chris are joined by Max Toscano to talk about LSU’s demolition of South Carolina in Tiger Stadium this past Saturday. Should Myles Brennan worry about losing the starting job to TJ Finley? Can you imagine the LSU QB room next year with Brennan, Finley, Johnson, and Nussmeier? These and other questions are answered by the Sneaky Good squad, including an important discussion on the political machinations of Westeros.

And let me add how excited I am to have a quarterback controversy. I’ve waited all my life for a good one of these. OK, sure we had the who is worse, Jennings or Harris? debate, but that had no right answer and we all knew it. It was just trying to identify the guy who would do the least amount of damage. This is about who could be better, and how much fun is that? It feels like rooting for the Fun n Gun in the 90s.

Intro/outro song is “Je Suis Fier de Toi” by The Mudbugs Cajun & Zydeco Band from their 2010 album “Mudbugs”. Used with permission and gratitude!

Also, we know some of you are still having problems finding the podcast on your favorite application or podcast player. Remember that we’re sneaky, so you have to search for And the Valley Shook not Sneaky Good Podcast. Hopefully, that will make us easier to find.