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SB Nation Reacts: Confidence WAY Up!

All hail TJ Finley

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South Carolina v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

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“Boy I tell you, I always knew TJ Finley would be the greatest quarterback to ever walk the planet,” I said to myself after picking South Carolina to beat LSU.

This week’s confidence data came back to me and folks according to you all LSU is BACK BABY.

Hell yeah. Last week 40 percent of voters were confident in the direction of the football team. Flash forward seven days and one impressive TJ Finley start and now 80 percent of fans are confident in the program.

LSU’s always been a quarterback school, everybody knows that. Y.A. Tittle, ever heard of him? Jamarcus Russell was picked first in the 2007 NFL draft. Danny Etling was certifiably #good. And Joe Burrow is the reigning Heisman trophy winner.

But we don’t even have to live in the past like Texas or Southern Cal because in the here and now, LSU has TWO good quarterbacks. Think of all those other schools who only have one! What a bunch of peasants, couldn’t be my team!

All hail TJ Finley, long may he reign.