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LSU v Mizzou Moved to Columbia due to Hurricane Delta

image via @LSUFBEquipment

Because 2020 is determined to run up the score on us, Louisiana will soon be dealing with Hurricane Delta, currently on track to make landfall near Vermilion Bay on Friday afternoon with winds over 110 MPH. As that’s not really conductive to holding a football game, even in these unprecedented times, the SEC has announced that the LSU football game vs Mizzou will now be a road game in Columbia, MO. The game will also be moved up to an 11AM kick, with ESPN TV plans to be announced later.

Many details are still to be decided, but local Mizzou press is saying that they will try to sell tickets to the game, so it won’t be an empty stadium. Also, this will be LSU Football’s first ever game in Missouri, an accomplishment that wasn’t scheduled to happen until 2023.

The decision makes a lot of since, even with the 2 available open dates in this year’s schedule, including LSU and Mizzou’s matching open date on 11/7. Those dates are there to buffer for COVID related rescheduling and shouldn’t be used unless absolutely necessary. Thankfully, it seems both schools and the conference worked together to make this work as painless as possible. UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE WE KNOW.

More details to come as available.