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How To Football: Week 12 (Pt. 2)

It’s a good thing LSU (allegedly) returns to play this weekend, because the rest of the weekend is butt.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
Schedule as of 11:00 a.m. Thursday
WatsonTiger Excel Productions, LLC.

Mountains Are Better Than Beaches Shift

  • LSU-Arkansas: Yes, LSU actually plays this weekend, for better or worse.
  • App State-Coastal Carolina: The de facto Sun Belt championship sees the 6-1 Mountaineers face off against the 7-0 #15 Chanticleers in Conway. SP+ is calling this the closest game of the shift, with my beloved ‘eers being favored by 1.7 points.
  • Indiana-Ohio State: Look, the heart wants what the heart wants despite the brain’s informed interjections. And in 2020, I want Indiana to run the damn table in the Big Ten.
  • Georgia Southern-Army: If you haven’t picked up on, this shift is kind of ass. At any rate, if you’re still revolted by what football has become, here is a game for you between an option team and a de facto option team
  • Clemson-Florida State: ...yeah this shift isn’t very good.

The Mountain West On CBS Shift

  • Cincinnati-UCF: The Bearcats have rightfully entered the top ten, picking up a ranking of 7th. But they’ll have their hands full defending that ranking this weekend with a game against the Knights. The Bearcats are favored by a field goal evenly, but have never won in Orlando.
  • Cal-Oregon State: The Beavers may be 0-2, but they’ve been a competitive 0-2, hanging around against Washington State until 2:29 to play in a 38-28 loss and then losing to Washington by one score. They could get their win against the Golden Bears, who scrambled to put together a 34-10 loss to UCLA Sunday morning after their games against Washington and Arizona State were cancelled.
  • Iowa-Penn State: SP+ is calling this the closest game of the shift, calling it tossup. I understand if you don’t really want to watch Penn State or Iowa football, but you gotta take what you can get.
  • Virginia Tech-Pitt: Now that the seal on firing coaches has been broken, it’ll be interesting what happens to Justin Fuente if he loses the battle of 4-4 ACC schools and sinks below .500 heading into Thanksgiving.
  • San Diego State-Nevada: No, the excel sheet is not wrong. Instead of airing an SEC game, CBS has to air a Mountain West game. While that may seem hilarious, it’s...gonna be a pretty good game. This isn’t a bit. Nevada is undefeated and co-leading the MWC while the Aztecs are sitting there at 3-1. The winner could definitely put themselves in the running for a conference title

Badlem Shift

  • Oklahoma-Oklahoma State: Two things can happen in Bedlem: Oklahoma can win by a lot or Oklahoma can win by a little. It appears that this year the latter will happen.
  • Tennessee-Auburn: I understand that Tennessee isn’t bad and while Auburn isn’t great, they’re pretty good. I understand that. But for some reason, I have a gut feeling that this game could get a little wild and, in the process, hairy for the Tigers. It’s not logical but it’s not really like we’re excluding some great game by including this one.
  • Arizona-Washington: Uh, yeah, the uh, same goes here.
  • San Jose State-Fresno: Finally, the good games of the night. SJSU is the other team in the MWC that Nevada is sharing the lead with, while like SDSU, the Bulldogs sit at 3-1 right behind. SP+ has the Spartans favored by a field goal and about a half.
  • Missouri-South Carolina: I’m not sure how much Muschamp’s firing has to factor into the equation, but this is a tossup per SP+. We don’t have to talk about it or shame those that voluntarily watch, but just know what the numbers say about it. And yes, if you get the SEC Network, you get the SEC Network Alternate channel on the ESPN app.

Ohana Shift

  • Washington State-Stanford: In a commentary more about how far the Cardinal have fallen than how much the Cougars have improved, SP+ is calling this game a toss-up.
  • USC-Utah: I don’t want to jinx it, but we may get TWO great PAC-12 games in the night shift. The Trojans have been escape artists so far this season, coming back in the 4th quarter in both of their games against both Arizonas. While Utah has....yet to play. Whoops!
  • Boise-Hawaii: ALOHA FRIENDS hawaii is gonna lose bigly