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Sneaky Good 91: Games That Weren’t and Guitar Heroes

There’s gonna be a game again!

Believe it or not, Tiger fans, there was a LSU-Bama this past weekend. Poseur and Chris are joined by Max to break it down, along with the latest scandal to hit the university. There’s also light-hearted discussion on most underrated guitar solos and riffs, the one album we couldn’t live without and would have to buy again and again if something happened to it, and much more. All part of the service provided by the Sneaky Good Podcast.

Sorry, my bad for not getting this up earlier. Chris had it ready in time, but I screwed it up, Blame Poseur, the lazy one, not the hard-working guy behind the dials. Seriously. Chris isn’t even making me type this.

We’ll get the system down, I promise.

Intro/outro song is “Je Suis Fier de Toi” by The Mudbugs Cajun & Zydeco Band from their 2010 album “Mudbugs”. Used with permission and gratitude!