Should LSU Reschedule the Alabama Game?

Hello, LSU Tigers fans!

After winning the national championship last season, 2020 has sucked for LSU fans in more than one way (COVID-19, bad season). You know you suck when you lose to any team from Mississippi, especially at home. The website SEC Shorts has had a field day at LSU's expense this year.

In addition, LSU has had arguably their two biggest and most anticipated games of the season wiped out because of COVID-19, their game at the Florida Gators and their home game with the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Florida game was rescheduled for December 12 while the Alabama game is currently unscheduled. The SEC announced that games could be scheduled for December 19, the week of the SEC Championship Game. The problem is Alabama is the current favorite to be playing in the SEC Championship Game from the West Division as they lead the West by a game over Texas A&M. If Alabama gets to nine conference wins (which they can accomplish by beating the Auburn Tigers and Arkansas Razorbacks), then they will clinch a spot in the SEC Championship Game. They also will make it with one win and one Texas A&M loss (which LSU could give them Saturday). So it is almost impossible for Alabama-LSU to be played on December 19.

Another issue with Alabama-LSU being played on the day of the SEC Championship Game: While it is practically impossible the way LSU and Alabama are playing for LSU to make the SEC Championship Game, the only way they even have a shot would be to play Alabama before December 19. They have three losses and the only way Alabama loses three times is if they make up the LSU game (Alabama would also have to lose to both Auburn and Arkansas, neither of which is likely, but if LSU doesn't even play Alabama they would have NO chance to win the SEC West).

So there is an incentive to have Alabama come to Baton Rouge. Odds are if Alabama plays at LSU that Alabama likely wins but I would think that LSU would still like to see Alabama come to town to get a chance to boo Nick Saban. Assuming Alabama doesn't play at LSU this year, would the SEC switch the home-away series or would Alabama not come back to LSU until 2022? LSU isn't allowing anywhere near a full capacity at Tiger Stadium this season but it doesn't hurt to have around 20,000 fans for a big game, even an almost certain loss. You'd also figure there's a decent chance CBS Sports will televise it as they almost always televise LSU-Alabama games.

So how can Alabama-LSU be rescheduled?

The obvious solution is schedule it December 5th and either bump the Mississippi game to December 19 or cancel it altogether. If you cancel it, you're trading Mississippi for Alabama. Yes, it's a likely win for a likely loss but it's a higher profile game, If LSU absolutely has to play Mississippi, there's nothing stopping LSU from playing them on the 19th unless LSU still is in the hunt for the SEC West title and if they are they can play Mississippi on maybe Tuesday, December 15. In addition, Alabama would move its game at Arkansas to December 12. This would allow Alabama to complete its full 10 game SEC schedule.

Another possibility that would help LSU would be to cancel the Florida game and play Alabama on December 12 instead. LSU will be an underdog to both Alabama and Florida so they would be trading a road game for a home game which is better for LSU's pocket books. They also lost a home game with Missouri and had to travel to Columbia because of Hurricane Delta so this would be a makeup. Also if LSU could only make up one game between Alabama and Florida (which assuming no rescheduling is true since both are the two likely SEC Championship Game participants), doesn't it make more sense for Alabama to play a team in its division than a team not in its division?

I suggested at a post at Florida's blog for Florida to not play LSU either so both Florida and Alabama would be off the week before the SEC Championship Game. That would mean LSU would only play eight games but the SEC could have LSU and the Georgia Bulldogs play instead since both are open December 12. The game should be at LSU since the Tigers will then play just three home games and Georgia will play four (and a neutral game vs, Florida).

Right now, the Alabama game won't be played. Should LSU want to play Alabama this year? It's probably an extra loss but it's an economy boost (even with limited fan attendance) and brings a level of excitement to Baton Rouge. Can you imagine a season not playing Alabama?