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Playin’ ‘Nice’ With Good Bull Hunting

Rush Roberts of GBH joins us for some fun

NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Texas A&M Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means it’s time for us to face our *ahem* rivals, the Texas A&M Aggies. Here to update us on what’s been going on with the Longhorns’ ex and the 75 Million Dollar Man is Rush Roberts of Good Bull Hunting.

1. The Aggies will be the first ranked team LSU has faced all year. Are you nervous that the Tigers have something special up their sleeve they were hiding when they went 3-3 against unranked teams?

Yep...seems like a classic LSU move to intentionally tank the season immediately after winning the natty in order to lull the Aggies into a false sense of security only to pummel them at Kyle Field on Thanksgiving weekend as revenge for 2018.

2. Do Aggie fans take pride in the fact that their 7OT win pissed LSU off so much they went on one of the most dominant 16-game runs in the history of the sport?

Sure. Gotta find joy wherever you can these days.

3. Is Jimbo still the most DGAF coach in the SEC or has he been surpassed by Kiffin?

I think Kiffin is way more DGAF. Jimbo probably feels about 75 million reasons to be obliged to G a little bit of AF (tracksuit not withstanding)

4. Does Thanksgiving feel weird without the Horns anymore? Or do y’all SWEAR you don’t think about them anymore?

Always. I come from a split family, where Thanksgiving was TENSE. We should be playing Texas in football every year. Those who claim we “don’t need” Texas anymore are simply afraid of losing. That’s all.

5. Does Cole Fisher still hang out on the sidelines? He definitely strikes me as a guy whose mask doesn’t cover his nose.

They probably sent him out to scout long-snapper recruits in West Texas, the Aggie Football equivalent of being shipped off to Sibera.