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Sage Ryan signs with LSU

Whew, that was close. Remember?

Sage Ryan, Hudl

LSU closes the deal with coveted Lafayette safety after a heated, abrupt recruiting battle with Alabama.

For a long time, LSU felt extremely confident with Sage Ryan. That lasted until he unexpectedly set a commitment date. Then, the madness started. The crystal ballsters started switching their picks from LSU to Alabama one by one. The Tide were surging and it looked like they had Ryan, but Ed Orgeron put on the blasters and managed to secure the commitment. Ryan hasn’t wavered and will sign early; he will not enroll early, however.

Sage Ryan is a gifted player, and LSU has an immediate, substantial need at safety, so he is in the mix to start quickly. Look for an early impact for the five-star when he arrives. For now, let’s just exhale.