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Playin’ “Nice” With Red Cup Rebellion

Flim Flam Bowl Ban

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

We’re here. We’ve made it to the end of this hellacious LSU season. Even with everything that has gone wrong, LSU has a chance to still avoid a losing season. Here to give us the rundown on the team LSU will play in its early December bowl game is One Man To Beat from Red Cup Rebellion.

1. LSU is about to not play in a Bowl game for the first time since 1999. Since Ole Miss fans have plenty of experience not watching their team play in Bowl games, what activities would you suggest LSU fans take up in the newfound spare time?

Yes, LSU has an edge on Ole Miss in bowl games 46 to 36, it’s truly embarrassing. In your spare time, I’d research maybe some non-profits to donate to - lots of children’s hospitals out there that need help.

2. Elijah Moore’s reign as Undisputed King of the most hilarious game losing penalty looks to be over after Florida’s Marco Wilson likely cost his team a Playoff spot by throwing an LSU tight end’s shoe. State your case for why Elijah’s dog pee celebration was better or worse than Wilson’s.

The Cup has held to the fake pee as a great moment, because it ultimately led to Lane Kiffin’s hiring and Mike Leach’s hiring. Right now, this seems like a pretty significant hiring edge for Ole Miss. I mean, who hasn’t beaten Mike Leach this year right??

3. Sure Matt Corral has been one of the best quarterbacks in the SEC this year, but is there any chance the Rebs bring out LSU kryptonite John Rhys Plumlee at any pointt Saturday? We need to know so we can make sure our children aren’t watching.

JRP was for sure an explosive option at times, and honestly every LSU friend I have regularly asks me what is going on with him. Would it shock me if we’ve been keeping his legs fresh until this game? Yes, but also it would be amazing to see him Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl run around LSU.

4. On that subject, what was the more fun double-digit loss: JRP running all over LSU last year or Nick Saban having an aneurysm watching his defense against the Rebs this past October?

I was in attendance for the JRP game, but not for the Bama game this year for obvious reasons, so I really enjoyed that game at times - ultimately the Rebels were never really in it. The Bama game this year - there were stretches where Ole Miss had the lead, we were answering every touchdown, and it seemed like whoever has the ball last wins. My heart is warmed just by seeing nervous Tide fans at any time.

5. Lane Kiffin is somehow already the third most flamboyant coach in Mississippi now that Leach and Deion Sanders are close by. Were you bummed or relieved that USM just hired a boring ole Tulane coordinator?

Will Hall seems like a pretty good guy. USM needs to stay as boring as possible to be honest - the one year they were really popping along with Larry Fedora was probably Ole Miss and State’s lowest point of existence ever. They haven’t been relevant since, and at least Ole Miss and/or State has had its chances to shine. I am a longtime advocate of bringing Tulane back into the SEC, however, and they remain my favorite school in the state of Louisiana.