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Playing Nice: Red Cup Rebellion


Red Cup Rebellion

We normally like to run these on Wednesdays but thanks to Early Signing Day we had to delay it a few days. Anyway, OneMan2BeatRCR, a good friend of mine, is here giving us some stuff to look for in the MAGNOLIA BOWL

1) Thoughts on the Lane Train’s first year in Oxford?

CHOO CHOOOOOOO - I think it’s pretty evident our blog and fanbase has been won over by the 4-4 Rebels and Lane Kiffin. Yeah, he might leave in a year or two, but it will be because he’s got our program back into relevancy.

2) That said, is it possible Lane’s one-and-done at Ole Miss and takes the Auburn job?

I don’t think so, but I do think his agent is using the Auburn opening to ensure Kiffin gets a hefty pay raise. Right now, he’s making $4 million a year while the Pirate is pulling in $5 million a year. Leak to the media that Kiffin is talking with Auburn and leverage it with our athletic director Keith Carter to get your client another $1 million a year or more. Obviously, a win against LSU on Saturday would further bolster those negotiations.

*3) How does Elijah Moore compare to AJ Brown and DK Metcalf?

He is far smaller in stature, so he in my opinion is a better route runner because he HAS to be. It is honestly criminal what the previous coaching staff did to DK and AJ. They were elite athletes on the field, so they were essentially told really often, “hey, just get open, run to open grass.” What we’ve seen from AJ and DK in the League is that they are refining their games and exploding onto the scene. With the current staff, there would have been no ceiling on what AJ and DK could have done in my opinion. The playcalling is a night and day difference, and it’s allowed Moore to set a new team single season record in receptions at 86 catches in eight games, compared to AJ’s 85 in 12 games.

*Note: this was sent before Elijah Moore opted out of Saturday’s game

4) Why isn’t this game being played on Halloween? LSU-Ole Miss should always be played around Halloween, right?

I can’t imagine a more frightening place than Baton Rouge on Halloween night. Is there just gators eating people and nutria sucking on bones in the street? Truly, the drive from BR to NOLA is one of the least desirable I have ever made at night. That being said, YES. If Alabama and Tennessee gets the third Saturday in October, why can’t the Magnolia Bowl get a Halloween kickoff?

5) Finally, what does the Magnolia Bowl trophy mean to YOU???

If I had it in my possession, I would start a bonfire with it. The design is weird, I don’t really like rivalry trophies to begin with, and maybe one day it will be more of a tradition I can enjoy. Currently though, it’s a paperweight at best.