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Initial Impressions: LSU 53, Ole Miss 48

Kayshon Boutte does his best Josh Reed impression

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Louisiana State
The best game ever
Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I’m not gonna lie to y’all. I wasn’t really paying attention.

LSU built a 34-21 halftime lead due to Matt Corral trying to set an SEC record for interceptions. The game was sloppy as hell, but things were going well, and LSU seemed like it was in cruise control.

Kayshon Boutte, especially, was enjoying a game for the ages. LSU, short its top two running backs, top two receivers, its top tight end, and two quarterbqcks, focused on its last big playmaker left. Boutte would finish the game with 14 catches for 308 yards and 3 TD. That would be a good game for a quarterback, much less a tight end.

The second half even started the same the first had ended. Corral threw yet another interception, and LSU took advantage by slowly driving down the field before settling for a short 23-yard field goal to go up by 16.

And then the roof caved in.

Ole Miss would score a touchdown on its next four possessions, reversing their fortune in this game. The defense, which before had been an opportunistic unit that kept forcing turnovers and big plays, was suddenly on its heels.

The offense didn’t exactly go into the tank, but it just couldn’t quite find that second level in the second half. Even when they did put together a great drive, Max Johnson capped it off by throwing a brutal interception in the end zone, so LSU came away with no points.

Ole Miss took advantage of the turnover, drove down the field, and opened up and 8 point lead. It was a 24-point turnaround from being down by 16.

Then, just as suddenly, things shifted again. Max Johnson took charge and drove the offense down the field again, only this time, he would push the ball over the goal line himself. Sure, the two point conversion failed, but LSU was right back in it.

The defense, which had spent the second half doing an impression of a practice cone, stiffened up and forced a 3rd and long. And on that desperation play, Neil Farrell notched his first sack of the season.

LSU had two and half minutes and half a field in order to earn a .500 season. Who do you dial up? Boutte of course. Johnson found Boutte on a short route, but he did the rest, running through the Ole Miss defense for 45 yards and the go ahead touchdown. But did he leave too much time?

65 yards between Ole Miss and the end zone, all that stands between them and victory is a Bo Pelini defense… what could go wrong?

Nothing, apparently. Ali Gaye forced a huge fumble, recovered by JaCoby Stevens, and you could just hear the magical call in your mind:




In your face, COVID.