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SB Nation Reacts: Tiger Fans Lose Confidence in Basketball Dropping Slightly

What is wrong with you people????

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NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

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Hello friends, happy New Year’s Eve.

I got some surprising news in my inbox, apparently some of you are losing faith in Will Wade’s team?

I imagine some of this cause for concern is owed to LSU struggling with Nicholls State on Saturday. In fact, that has to be the case as the poll was sent prior to Tuesday night’s drubbing of Texas A&M in the conference opener.

Now in fairness to you, our beloved audience, the LSU hoops team is flawed. They don’t have a singular dominant rebounder like Jordan Mickey or Kavell Bigby-Williams on the roster. LSU’s 62nd in rebounding margin, that’s good but not great and it may end up costing LSU down the road.

The offense can also lack some creativity or movement. Take Tuesday night’s game for example, LSU had nearly as many points from three, 27, as they did in the paint, 30. That’s all well and good, but what happens when the three ball isn’t falling? That happened as recently as Tuesday night, when LSU missed its first six shots from three and found itself in a one-possession game with the Aggies. Cam Thomas is a great scorer yes, but he’s 18 and he can’t be relied upon to bail out a stagnant LSU offense.

Elsewhere, the College Football Playoff will be on Friday and a whole bunch of people are expecting an Alabama-Clemson championship.

About 90 percent of fans thinks Alabama will beat Notre Dame,

And 82 percent thinks Clemson will beat Ohio State in the semifinals for the second year in a row

Hopefully the games are a little more competitive than the results of this here poll.

Happy New Years!