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Sneaky Good 93: Home Alone with Sketchy Copyright Legal Advice

Is there any other kind, really?

It’s a Bama week unlike any other! In that there is no hype, no trash talk, and no interest, really. So let’s talk about the worst game ever played and the best team ever assembled. We run the full gamut, right?

We even reconsider Pelini, just for giggles. Maybe he’s not so bad? Maybe it’s not his fault?

We may not be lawyers—actually, one of us is—but we play them on the podcast. Poseur, Chris, Max, and Zach sigh over the Tigers’ loss to the Aggies, and preview the Bama game. Yes, there is more #FirePelini talk, as well as chatter on the best LSU offensive line ever, LSU’s best win of the 2019 season, and most importantly, the best Christmas movies of all time.

Intro/outro song is “Je Suis Fier de Toi” by The Mudbugs Cajun & Zydeco Band from their 2010 album “Mudbugs”. Used with permission and gratitude!