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Join the Team: Open Site Manager position with And The Valley Shook

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SB Nation and ATVS are looking for someone to help lead the team forward.

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SB Nation and And The Valley Shook are looking for a new managing editor.

As a leading voice in the LSU Tigers fan community, And The Valley Shook prides itself on the high quality content posted every day. If you think you can help lead the team into the new decade, we’d love for you to apply.

The managing editor is responsible for everything that goes up on the site, working with the talented group of writers dedicated to the site and manages the site’s social media.

This position requires more than a working knowledge of LSU Tigers athletics. The right person will not only know the university in and out, but should truly be a fan.

However, that doesn’t mean the right person shouldn’t be critical of the university. ATVS has proudly called out those in charge when needed and been among the first to look for improvements.

The LSU Tigers community is strong and committed, but more than anything, it is fun. This position should reflect all of that, with a finger on the pulse of what is truly going on both inside athletics and as a fan.

To apply, please follow this link.