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National Signing Day Open Thread

Signing Day Classicmight be quiet but we can still talk about it.

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The original National Signing Day is upon us. A day that was formerly met with much fanfare is now a small extension of what’s mostly settled back in December. Most programs tidy up their classes during the early period and keep their eyes on a couple additional prospects to close with in February. LSU’s no different in this case.

I’ve already written about how Coach O took some big swings during the early period and wound up mostly missing out. What’s done is done and now O must sort out the remaining six spots in the class. Let’s look at the rest.


Jordan Burch — Announces at Noon, CT

Stud defensive lineman who committed but did not sign with South Carolina during the early period. He showed back up in Baton Rouge for an unofficial visit in January. Reportedly the staff made a huge impression on the team he declared finished 2nd to South Carolina during his original process. So he’s a slam dunk then, right?

I give you a hearty “Not So Fast!” and a Lee Corso pencil point along with it. Burch took his official visit to South Carolina over the weekend and all signs point to Muschamp finishing this one off. These types of decisions are always puzzling for fans. Why would Burch want to go play for a middling program with a coach about to get fired? I’m sure he’s got plenty of good reasons that also include a damn $trong offer. It is what it is. This program thrived before, during and after superstar DL recruits deciding they want to play for the competition.

If he somehow picks LSU, well thank your local bagman and enjoy the ride.

McKinnley Jackson — Announces at 9:30 a.m.

The former LSU commit also took in Baton Rouge for his official visit. He’s been all over the map in terms of favorites and momentum. But at this hour, looking like Bama or A&M. Tough loss. He’s a great player.

Verbal Commits

CamRon Jackson

Not signing tomorrow. Staff is holding a spot in the event he gets himself eligible in the Spring. If they let him sign now, and he doesn’t qualify, the spot is lost. Slow playing here makes sense.

Alex Adams

Late in the game WR target after Rakim Jarrett and Jermaine Burton decided they wanted to spend the next 3-4 years getting their doors blown off by Penn State and run blocking to another SEC Championship Game loss, respectively. Adams looks like a solid late addition.

Dwight McGlothern

The most controversial middle-tier prospect in the 2020 signing class. McGlothern once held 5-star hype but he’s fallen all the way to a ranking somewhere near the 600s on 247. Both poles seem absurd for a guy that looks like a solid player that maybe lacks top tier athletic traits.

Kevontre Bradford

As far as consolation prizes go, Bradford’s a good one. Top 150 back from Texas with really nice size/speed combination. He’s got the physical tools... the question will be if he can develop the vision, patience and blocking required to thrive in this offense.

What Happens Next?

LSU inks three, bringing them to 22 total signees, barring a total surprise. That leaves three open spots. One could be CamRon Jackson, as mentioned. The other two will almost certainly be portal additions. As spring ball approaches, the staff will be looking for those guys that look to move on from their previous teams, particularly at linebacker.

Signing Day didn’t end with a bang, but that’s because all the work got done months ago. LSU’s class is going to finish 4th nationally but yet is the highest points total they’ve ever accumulated on 247’s composite rating. That should tell you exactly how great this haul is.