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Link Gumbo 3/10/20 - Spring Camp Highlights

Spring practice was open to the media briefly on Saturday, but there’s not much to share at this point beyond players taking reps against air and the lightest of contact. Here are some of the more interesting highlights.

There was a heartwarming moment during the first spring practice. Derek Stingley took his helmet off during a break and a piece of confetti fell out.

This morning it’s being reported that former LSU DT Bennie Logan is joining the football staff as a defensive analyst.

Two-sport athlete Maurice Hampton Jr. and catcher Saul Garza both caught back injuries over the weekend. Hampton is likely out a few weeks with a stress reaction while Garza may be back as soon as this weekend against Ole Miss.

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world (and as of Monday, Louisiana) sports leagues are beginning to take precautions to prevent further outbreak. The SEC has published a list of what it’s doing to prevent the spread at the men’s tournament in Nashville this week. The NCAA has said they are not yet altering any of their plans for the national tournaments, which include the Men’s and Women’s Final Fours in Atlanta and New Orleans respectively. Elsewhere in the world things are getting much more dire, including Italy where all sporting events have been canceled and the entire country is effectively in quarantine.

In local news, LSU Football Athletic Trainer Jack Marucci’s little side hobby of making wood bats for his son’s softball league that turned into the leading supplier of bats of Major League Baseball has now been sold for $200 Million.

Exciting news to share as Joe Burrow has signed his first major endorsement deal: NERF

Thanks to ESPN, we have a new highlight reel of those LSU boys at ESPN getting one over on Stephen A all last season. It’s glorious.