Football Tidbits and Thoughts

Dare Rosenthal has left the team and will not participate in spring practice. Orgeron expects him to return this summer. Offensive tackle Brandon Council from Akron has been offered by Orgeron. He's a 2 star who has far exceeded expectations and will be a grad transfer.

Council's twitter post was on Feb. 27. Appears Orgeron was prepared for Rosenthal to leave. Council also has offers USC and Baylor. Wire and Perry will get the snaps in spring practice at LT.

There has been a lot of movement, shuffling players. Devonta Lee has finally made the move to linebacker as many speculated he would. Brooks also has moved to linebacker as Orgeron admitted LSU's lb corps is thin. If Orgeron looks to the portal for lb help, Jabril Cox is a name to keep an eye on. You can see his high lights in this link.

Outstanding play recognition. Superb coverage skills. Needs to work on using his hands better while blitzing. In an attacking Pelini style defense he could be a much needed addition.

When speaking about the o line, O mentioned Bradford over Thomas. Remember, Orgeron said that Bradford was the highest rated o linemen on their board. Staying with o line, Josh Evans has moved to center. Turner isn't ready. Turner was extremely small for a center coming out of high school. I will admit, it was a head scratcher for me when he signed.

Orgeron said he expected Brennan to explode. Truth or coach speak ? Who will be the primary backup qb ? Can one of the frosh qb's show out and earn the job ? Is Peter Parrish ready ? There is still much to be learned about Brennan. Will he be comfortable throwing intermediate and long routes between the hashes or will he be conservative and throw between the hash and boundary ? Will he be willing to dance around and slide in the pocket and make contested throws on rollouts ? How much progression does he actually process ? Will he be a two read guy and bail or look for the dump off ? In Brennans high light video after the season, he had only 6 completions of 10 yards or more beyond the line of scrimmage. The spring game won't answer these questions.

Does Orgeron look for portal help at qb ? Peyton Ramsey would be the name to watch. Talent does not make a good qb. Brennan is dripping with talent. Intangibles and football iq separate decent to good and good to great. Where does Brennan fit ? With the new offense Brennan should be able to stack numbers, if not, do we have a stronger armed Danny Etling ? Bringing in a grad transfer will give us a hint about our overall qb position for 2020.

Congrats to Kelvin Sheppard. New director of player personnel as he takes over for Kevin Faulk.