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2020 NFL Draft Open Thread

With the first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select...

NFL Combine - Day 2

Tonight is the first night of the NFL Draft. The single most intriguing thing about the draft will be how smoothly or poorly does the event go. Because of the coronavirus, the draft will be completely virtual, a cross between your fantasy football draft and a league wide conference call.

The draft is going to be a mess. Roger Goodell will be announcing picks from his basement, general managers are tearing down the walls of their own homes to set up miniature war rooms, and Trey Wingo will be hosting the event for both ESPN and NFL Network.

On the LSU side of things there’s two big questions: will LSU tie the 2004 Miami Hurricanes and have six players selected in the first round? And will they tie the 2004 Ohio State Buckeyes by having 14 players picked?

To answer the first question, maybe. LSU should at least have four first round picks: Joe Burrow, Justin Jefferson, Patrick Queen and K’Lavon Chaisson. Kristian Fulton probably gets selected tonight as well so that’s five. The wild cards are Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Grant Delpit. This is the part where I mention that a bunch of dumb teams are going to pass on Delpit because he played with a bad ankle. Delpit was arguably the best defensive player in America in 2018 and an ankle sprain in 2019 shouldn’t knock him out of the first round.

Anyway, the draft starts at 7. Here’s some pre-draft profiles I did the past three weeks:

Also, Joe Burrow did an interview with Joel Klatt of Fox Sports where he talks about his leadership qualities, his strengths as a quarterback and what he considers his weaknesses; you can watch that interview here.