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ATVS Roundtable: Best LSU Uniforms

The crew got together and talked about their favorite LSU uniforms

Mississippi State v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

What’s your favorite LSU uniforms?


My favorite LSU football jerseys ever have to be the mustard golds they wore against Miss State in 2016. I love that uniform combo so much I got a jersey and the number helmet (7 of course) for Christmas that year. There was something about those threads that had me beyond excited for a game against an awful, boring Miss State team. Maybe it was more about Danny Etling’s first start after saving us from Jacksonville State, but I had already saved a promo photo of the uni combo as my lock screen before kickoff. That game was fun, even though it got annoying late, it was refreshing after 2 years of Anthony Jennings and Brandon Harris to see a QB work through progressions and put the ball where it needed to be. Something about the threads made it all a little but more surreal. It’s hard to explain the subtle way uniforms can play with the ethereal emotional experience of watching a team, but those still stick out to me.

Mississippi State v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images


Zachary. I am so glad you asked. Here is a detailed description of my favorite LSU alternate football uniforms.

Outside of football, LSU men’s and women’s basketball looks best BY FAR in the gold unis, even though they’re only worn like twice a season. LSU baseball’s midweek pinstripes are definitely the best, with the throwbacks coming in a close second and the championship golds for nostalgias sake. LSU softball has a lot of all-white unis, all of which are straight fire.

And because I always come back to gymnastics, I believe leotards qualify as jerseys in this sense.

This leotard from the NCAA Semifinal in 2019 is one of the only ones that have the letters “L-S-U” on it and I love incorporating white into the design of the leotard. This other leotard from the 2019 SEC Championship has a bit of a Wonder Woman vibe to it and it love it.


The gold helmet with the white jerseys and gold pants for football, basically the ones from the national championship game, are always going to be at the top for me. Silent season jerseys are great as well. The helmet design from those mustard jerseys is nice, but the rest of the jersey can miss me. I also like the all white jerseys from the Auburn game in 2011.

On the softball side, pretty much a fan of any of the jerseys with the bold face LSU on the front, gold or purple. Also love the purple base with the dark tiger print and cursive Tigers.

They were never part of a team (to my knowledge) but those LSU hockey jerseys were pretty awesome.

Louisiana State University Tigers Football


I’m not a big jersey guy. I know people really care about uniforms, but though I lean towards the traditional looks for everybody, I’m not a fanatic about it or anything.

That said, the ultimate LSU jersey is baseball’s Victory Gold. It’s not LSU’s prettiest uniform (I will always love the classic pinstripes), but it means something. When LSU is out there in those canary yellows, they are playing for a title. And they usually win it. So many great moments are in those things. I see the victory gold, and I get pumped, and I like to see softball borrowing the look.

For football, I do like that LSU slightly mixes up the look every now and again, but I love the classic white jersey at home. LSU plays in white at home, something almost no other team does. It makes LSU special from a sartorial standpoint, and it spoke to LSU leadership’s ineffectiveness that the team couldn’t wear the whites at home during the Dark Ages. Dinardo getting the whites at home back is one of those important moments for LSU football. It’s the moment we started to take control of the lost ship. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, a white jersey isn’t that important, but it showed that they could come up with solutions and head nod towards tradition and fan expectations. In many ways, the Bring Back the Magic Game is Day 0 of the LSU football program’s Golden Age.


Like Stephen said, the Victory Gold for the baseball team probably has to be the top jersey. I was a kid during that run, but even then I knew when those jerseys came out, that Geauxrilla Ball meant business.

Obviously, the standard football jerseys are classics, but my favorite has been the white helmet with the purple jersey. It just stands out to me, and I’ve always been a fan of the alternate uniforms across all sports. I enjoy the change of pace.


I’m gonna be the Debbie Downer here and say I STAUNCHLY oppose any football alternates. The only ones I really like are the all-whites with the traditional white jersey, but those haven’t been brought back since the ugly 2015 Ole Miss game. I feel like the only person who thinks the purple jerseys go better with the gold helmet and pants than with the white helmets and pants. I don’t understand the hype! Our colors are purple and gold! Why do y’all want us to look like Northwestern??

LSU’s gold helmet, white jersey, gold pants combination is perfect. Anything else the team wears is inferior.

As for other sports, baseball is still solid. I really miss the piping on the all-white jerseys that was done away with in 2017, but the overall set is still very good. The tweaks made to men’s basketball two years ago was nice, but they didn’t do the same for WBB. I don’t mind if they don’t wear the exact same unis like they did from 2013-2018, but it’s still weird to shake up one and not the other.

Softball and gym have the deepest closets of any sports, and Kennedi is correct in her assertion that softball’s all-white unis are among the best on campus. I am strongly opposed to gray uniforms which they wear from time to time though, but I hate gray unis in all sports. I like all of the gym leos, but the Wonder Woman one described above is probably my favorite.

Also Pod Katt would disavow all of us if we did not mention the soccer kits.

(PodKATT: You’re damn right I would)


Football’s traditional look is one of the best in all of sports. Not just college football, all sports. And they’ve had some great alternates in recent years. I loved the white on white they wore against Ole Miss in 2015, and the mustard golds against Miss State had perfect little details like the block “L” on the pants and Sailor Mike on the collar. Plus the gold number and stripe on the white helmet? Chefs kiss. I’m with Kennedi that the yellow helmet, purple jersey and yellow pants are hideous. Sorry, but they’ve never done it for me. Also I don’t know if it’s a hot take, but I didn’t like the Silent Season uniforms. Never got what all the fuss was about.

LSU v Mississippi Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

As for other sports, baseball’s got a great set but, like Evan said, the Friday night whites need to bring back the purple piping. Victory Gold’s are a classic of course, but I think the midweek pinstripes with the cursive Tigers across the chest is baseball’s best look. That or those SWEET throwbacks with the block L on the chest and hat.

Men’s basketball introducing its new set of uniforms was one of the best things to happen to this program since Shaq played here. It’s right up there with the 2006 Final Four run. They need to give the women’s program a similar set ASAP.