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Playin’ Nice: Music City Miracles

How does Kristian Fulton mesh with the Tennessee Titans? Terry Lambert of Music City Miracles tells us how Fulton fits in

NFL Combine - Day 6 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We’re continuing our series projecting how LSU’s 14 drafted players may fare with their teams. Next up, Terry Lambert of Music City Miracles tells us how Kristian Fulton may fit in with the Tennessee Titans.

1. Many thought Kristian Fulton could have been a first round pick and yet the Titans snagged him 61st overall. What sold Tennessee on Fulton?

That Alabama film he put out certainly helped. The things he was able to do against Henry Ruggs and Jerry Jeudy were impressive, holding each to just a few combined catches when they were his responsibility. Titans’ GM Jon Robinson is a big stats guy, so putting up a lofty 14 deflections absolutely helped as well. More so than anything, this was Tennessee’s top need. The run on cornerbacks turned out to come pretty late, which slid Fulton right into Tennessee’s lap. You couldn’t have scripted a better scenario for the Titans.

2. Tennessee had a top-10 defense in passing yards and was eighth in interceptions, but that was with Logan Ryan who appears to not be returning to the Titans in 2020. Is Fulton first in line to play alongside Adoree Jackson and Malcolm Butler?

Fulton was immediately asked about this and confirmed that the Titans have explored the idea of him taking over Ryan’s role in the slot. Ryan was outstanding in that nickel role, but was just too expensive to bring back. Expect Fulton to begin in that spot and go from there. The Titans don’t have much depth behind him, so he’s going to have a lot of responsibility dumped on his plate from the very beginning.

3. Finish this sentence: For Kristian Fulton to be a good pick for the Titans, he’ll have to…what?

Make the transition in the nickel role. As mentioned above, Ryan played that position really well. Fulton is going to have do a few different things in this defensive scheme, including getting down and dirty in run support. Something else to keep in mind is the status of Malcolm Butler, who very well could see his big contract slashed in the coming offseason. Fulton could easily end up being a top two cornerback for the team if all goes well this year.

4. Finally we both live in Tennessee. I don’t know if Kristian Fulton has ever had Nashville hot chicken, but if he hasn’t who should he get? Prince’s, Haddie B’s or the field?

You know, I’m taking the field here. The hot chicken game has exploded in Nashville over the last few years with several restuarants adding it to the menu and new competitors popping up. I’m going with the upset and recommending Party Fowl, but you absolutely cannot go wrong.