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The Joe Burrow Touchdown Bracket Sweet Sixteen: Day One

What was the best Joe Burrow touchdown of 2019? We’re asking you, the reader, to decide

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Texas Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

We’re halfway done! Well, in terms of the number of matchups you’ve had to vote on we’re 23 done. But we’re closer than ever to crowning the best Joe Burrow touchdown of the 2019 season! Take a look at the updated bracket below:

All the 1 seeds are still in play for now. Even though all four 10 seeds advanced to the Round of 32, only one was able to keep that Cinderella slipper on tight as Terrace Marshall’s return-from-injury score against Auburn had no trouble against a formidable 2 seed. Three 5 seeds and one 6 are the other remaining underdogs. Without further ado, let’s get to our first matchup: a pair of Justin Jefferson TDs against the Longhorns.

No. 1: Justin Jefferson’s 61 yard touchdown on 3rd and 17 against Texas

Why it should advance:

Because “3rd and 17” is already a Louisiana colloquialism used when you’re describing a situation where you faced intense pressure and succeeded in the most badass way possible. Remember how after LSU beat Alabama the only Heisman bets you could place were “Joe Burrow” and “the field?” If we took bets on this bracket this play would probably be the Joe Burrow. But hey, we’ll see what happens!

No. 5: Justin Jefferson’s 21 yard strike against Texas

Why it should advance:

Because Justin Jefferson scored a touchdown to extend LSU’s six-point lead against Texas on their last possession of the half! Surely that’s gotta count for something rig- aw shit wait all those things apply to 3rd and 17 also, ugh... welp.

The real reason to vote for this play is because this was the best ball Joe Burrow had every thrown at the time. Comparing this offense to the Saints has gotten pretty old, but if you showed me a silhouette of Burrow and Jefferson here, I would’ve assumed it was Drew Brees and Marques Colston. LSU’s route concepts were so good that Burrow rarely had to force it into tight windows, but holy hell this throw is something else. We had already mostly bought in this new offense by now, but this play was all we needed to buy into Joe Burrow.


What was the better Joe Burrow touchdown?

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  • 89%
    Jefferson’s iconic 3rd and 17 vs Texas
    (191 votes)
  • 10%
    Burrow threading the needle to Jefferson vs Texas
    (22 votes)
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