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The Joe Burrow Touchdown Bracket: Day 32

What was the best Joe Burrow touchdown of 2019? We’re asking you, the reader, to decide

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

We finally had some drama in the Tiger King region of the Joe Burrow bracket. Our No. 11 seed, Thad Moss’s out route vs. Clemson, upset the No. 6 seed, Ja’Marr Chase’s 50-yard scissor post vs. Arkansas, and did so by a comfortable margin.

Now, in our second to last vote before the Round of 32 begins Tuesday, we’re choosing between a pair of Chase touchdowns in the Tiger King’s 7 vs. 10 match up.

No. 7: Chase’s 64-yard post vs. Vanderbilt

The context:

Just how dominant was 2019 LSU? Did you know Ja’Marr Chase ALSO had a four touchdown effort in the Vanderbilt game? Have you ever heard of a year where one team has two separate four touchdown reception games by different receivers? And it’s not like either game came against a rent-a-win opponent. Jefferson’s was in the national semifinal and Chase, say what you want about Vanderbilt, came on the road in a conference game.

Anyway, in yesterday’s vote we talked about Burrow hitting Chase from 50 yards away to complete a two-play scoring drive. This time around, Burrow and Chase do the same job but only need one snap to make it happen. Highly efficient but also murders you in time of possession so you be the judge if it was good or not.

No. 10: Chase’s 8-yard quick seam vs. Mississippi State

The context:

I’m going to be nice to Mississippi State for a second. For whatever reason the last two times LSU has played for a national championship and have had to go to Starkville, the Bulldogs have given LSU issues. In 2011 it was that bizarre Thursday night 19-7 game, and this past year, Mississippi State gave LSU a game...for about a half at least.

There’s two things to remember about LSU’s slow start on offense. First off, Terrace Marshall was missing for the second consecutive game after a foot injury; second Cameron Dantzler probably played Ja’Marr Chase better than any corner back LSU faced all last season.

Chase only caught five passes for 48 yards that afternoon in Starkville. Dantzler was not responsible for the Chase touchdown, Chase was lined up in the slot away from Dantzler on the play. Chase had his way with several high picks in the most recent NFL Draft, but Dantzler, to his credit, made him look mortal.

Anyway, enough praise of Mississippi State. Chase’s touchdown was set up by the Jacoby Stevens one-handed interception and it came at a most inopportune time for Mississippi State. It was a 15-7 game at that point, but the turnover was a 14-point swing. Instead of potentially tying the game, the Bulldogs give the ball right back to LSU who takes advantage of the good field position and score in five plays.


What was the better Joe Burrow touchdown?

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  • 45%
    The post and go vs. Vanderbilt
    (48 votes)
  • 54%
    The quick throw vs. Mississippi State
    (58 votes)
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