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The Joe Burrow Touchdown Bracket Elite Eight: Day Four

What was the best Joe Burrow touchdown of 2019? We’re asking you, the reader, to decide

NCAA Football: Florida at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

We’re one matchup away from the Joe Burrow Touchdown Bracket Final Four! Yesterday saw our first 1 seed of the bracket go down. Today we see if another 2 seed can crash the party in this matchup of Ja’Marr Chase touchdowns against SEC East foes.

No. 1: Ja’Marr Chase’s game-sealing 54 yard deep shot against Florida

Why it should advance:

Because the only thing worse than losing to Florida is spending a whole year thinking about how we lost to Florida and waiting that whole time for another chance to do it. This play was the morphine that erased that play and took us sky high.

Have y’all ever interacted with Gators Twitter? Boyyyyy were they talking before this game. You woulda thought they had the 2000 Baltimore Ravens secondary suiting up for them the way they were talking. They thought they were hot shit after intercepting Bo Nix three times.

Spoiler alert: Joe Burrow is not Bo Nix.

After Gators Twitter went on and on about Burrow not throwing a touchdown pass in October of 2018, he threw three against them, including this flawless deep ball to close the door. The LSU-Florida hatred is so genuine, pure, and unforced. Each win truly matters to every fan. Don’t believe me, listen to that roar when that ball lands in Chase’s hands. That’s special.

No. 2: Burrow’s picnic in the pocket and 23 yard strike to Ja’Marr Chase against Georgia.

Why it should advance:

Because Joe Burrow stood in the pocket for nine seconds.

Nine seconds is... so long.

Nine seconds is so long that Usain Bolt can almost run 100 meters in that time. Here’s proof!

I’ve said this each time this play has come up, but the fact that Burrow fit this ball in such a tight window pushes it from hilarious to preposterous. Almost every time a QB hangs in the pocket for more than five seconds it’s a first down because DBs just can’t cover guys for that long. Somehow, Georgia’s did... and they still gave up a quarter-field long touchdown! Only a few plays after Burrow caught his own pass and ran 20 yards for a first down. LSU was methodical on most of their opening drives, but this one was just comedy. Georgia’s secondary completely checked out, and I don’t blame them.


What was the better Joe Burrow touchdown?

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  • 55%
    Ja’Marr Chase’s 54 yard dagger against the Gators
    (131 votes)
  • 44%
    Burrow playing hopscotch in the pocket then throwing a 23 yard strike to Ja’Marr Chase against UGA
    (104 votes)
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