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Better Know a Freshman: Jacobian Guillory

Alexandria native looks to be a run-stuffing defensive tackle


We continue our examination of LSU’s 2020 recruiting class, which at this point just feels like an inventory of physically gifted defensive lineman, with another physically gifted defensive lineman. Jacobian Guillory really is a human boulder, he is just flat out massive and unbelievably strong. Ed Orgeron has seen how Alabama and Clemson continue to build perennial defensive fortresses and has followed suit. Between Roy and Guillory, LSU is really fortifying the inside and focusing on dominating up front. These players complement each other well, as all can play different roles on the same line, with Roy at the more athletic 3-tech spot, and Guillory playing the nose.

The Story

Jacobian Guillory took an official to Alabama, and after the likes of A’Shawn Robinson, Dalvin Tomlinson, and Da’Ron Payne, you can see what Nick Saban had in mind for Guillory. That said, the Baton Rouge native stayed home, as was expected with all the crystal ball predictions pointing to Tiger Stadium.

The Numbers

Five-stars (98-110 rating): The top 32 players in the country to mirror the 32 first round picks in the NFL Draft. These are 32 players that we believe are the most likely to be drafted in the first round from each recruiting class. The full list of 32 with five-star ratings typically isn’t complete until the final ranking. Any player with a rating of more than 100 is considered a “franchise player” and one that does not come around in every recruiting class.

Four-stars (90-97 rating): These are players that we believe are the most likely to produce college careers that get them drafted. By National Signing Day, this number is typically in the range of 350 prospects, roughly the top 10 percent of prospects in a given class.

Three-stars (80-89 rating): This is where the bulk of college football prospects are found and it incorporates a large range of ability levels, all of whom we consider as possible NFL players long term.

Two-stars (70-79 rating): These are prospects that we consider to be FBS-level players with very limited NFL potential.

247 Composite Ranking: ****

247 Composite Rating: .9563

The Film

As you can see, Guillory usually plays a 0 or 1-tech, aka nose tackle. He uses his incredible mass and strength to eat space, eat double teams, and blow interior lineman off the ball. It’s abundantly clear how LSU is going to use this guy.

The Future: I think it’s pretty solid. He lacks the mobility to become a Derrick Brown type freak producer, but I definitely think he can be extremely effective at eating up double teams and disrupting the interior of a line.

High End: 2nd-Team All-SEC

Low End: Platoon interior tech, struggles to keep other talented players from sharing snaps.

Realistic: Above average starter who doesn’t get a ton of the headlines, but is invaluable in clogging gaps and disrupting the run game.