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Better Know A Freshman: Koy Moore

A potentially underrated receiver will make his way to campus.

Billy Embody, 247

LSU’s offensive revolution was bound to spark major interest across the country from pass catchers. LSU has been able to cash in to a solid degree so far, landing bionic TE recruit Arik Gilbert and stud Kayshon Boutte. Koy Moore isn’t as highly regarded as those guys, but he isn’t to be disregarded by any stretch. He’s a long, shifty receiver who can catch the ball in traffic and make guys miss. It’s hard to see how Moore fits into everything with such a talented WR room going forward, but he should be in the mix to play.

The Story:

Moore initially committed to USC, and remained committed for about half a year before he reopened his recruitment. He took an unofficial to Alabama, but LSU really swooped in and won him over. He committed to LSU on August 17, 2019 and never wavered.

The Numbers

Five-stars (98-110 rating): The top 32 players in the country to mirror the 32 first round picks in the NFL Draft. These are 32 players that we believe are the most likely to be drafted in the first round from each recruiting class. The full list of 32 with five-star ratings typically isn’t complete until the final ranking. Any player with a rating of more than 100 is considered a “franchise player” and one that does not come around in every recruiting class.

Four-stars (90-97 rating): These are players that we believe are the most likely to produce college careers that get them drafted. By National Signing Day, this number is typically in the range of 350 prospects, roughly the top 10 percent of prospects in a given class.

Three-stars (80-89 rating): This is where the bulk of college football prospects are found and it incorporates a large range of ability levels, all of whom we consider as possible NFL players long term.

Two-stars (70-79 rating): These are prospects that we consider to be FBS-level players with very limited NFL potential.

247 Composite Ranking: ****

247 Composite Rating: 0.8998

The Film

One thing that really stands out with Moore is his ability to put his foot in the ground and make people miss, a la a slower Jerry Jeudy. I think he can really use this ability to generate separation and possibly make up for his lack of foot speed (4.62 40). He’s also got a good frame and uses it well to catch contested balls.

The Future: Possession receiver who gets some snaps on the outside and plays a solid role.

High End: Becomes a solidly effective Z receiver for LSU, 40 catches, 750 yards, 6 TD kinda guy

Low End: Struggles to see the field in a fantastic receiver room, transfers.

Realistic: Becomes a solid 4th-5th option for Myles Brennan and his eventual successor, has a pretty cool college highlight reel and a fond place in the hearts of LSU fans. Few if any will work harder than Koy Moore.