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LSU Adds Vandy and Mizzou for 2020, Full Schedule To Come Next Week

LSU v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The SEC has announced the 2 extra conference games every team will be playing in the new 10 game football schedule. Determined to drag things out as long as possible, this is all we get for now, with the new 10 week schedule to be released next week (probably on Friday again). LSU made out like a bandit while other teams are now facing an even more daunting season.

Vandy and Mizzou is about the best possible outcome LSU could ask for. Strangely, LSU’s repeat of Vandy will include another trip to Nashville, while Mizzou coming to Baton Rouge means that LSU’s first trip to Columbus will still not be until 2023.

The teams with the best draw are also the presumptive conference leaders for 2020. LSU and Bama out West, Florida and UGA in the East, with the Dawgs getting a particularly great gift in hapless Arkansas and a Miss State team in year one of attempting to transition to Mike Leach’s particular brand of Air Raid without the benefit of a spring or summer camp.

Finding the Losers in this plan is also easy. Mizzou and A&M get hazed as the new guys, though Mizzou has it much worse drawing LSU and Bama. The biggest loser, however, is clearly Arkansas, who has drawn Florida and Georgia to go along with their already perilous SEC West slate. Anybody wanna put down money on an 0-10 Arkansas?