I want a shouting cutout...!

LSU is selling to fans (for $50 each) the opportunity to have a cardboard cutout of themselves sitting in a seat in Tiger Stadium.

I would absolutely do this if I could have a cutout of me which had a speaker attached to it, which was linked over the stadium's wifi to the internet and then to the microphone on my computer, so that I (and 100,000 other fans, either the handful in the stadium or 75,000 others using the same technology) could make some noise when we score a touchdown!

This can't be difficult. The technology certainly exists to make it happen. No doubt a wifi upgrade in the stadium would be needed (100,000 people using it at once would probably be beyond the capability of the current system), and there would be some management challenges (like checking the batteries in the speaker regularly) but I would pay good money for this. And it would help ease the pain of no or few fans in the stadium. Not to mention helping the team on the field.

Why has no-one thought of this before?