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The 2020 ATVS Pick’em Challenge

LSU v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

I asked, you answered.

Returning to you now, for the 8th (9th?) (10th?) season, it’s the ATVS Pick’em Challenge. Where you will match your skill and knowledge of the vast depths of D1 college football against your fellow commenters in an altercation of prognostication.

It will be far more difficult than ever before, as the lack of teams still playing this season means that picking a full dance card every week will be a struggle (HELLO, MID TIER SUNBELT MATCHUPS). And who knows, it could all still blow up in our face by Week 4.

Also this year, due to manufacturing issues (and the great shame I have brought upon myself by failing to reward last year’s winner) there will be no traditional rewarding of the sacred ATVS Koozie Of Power. I apologize, but we just can’t make it happen this year. You will fight only for Honor, the true prize of any great warrior.

If you have not yet been inundated with emails asking you to join (sorry about that) or if you are joining us for the first time, we continue to use that old Web 1.0 stalwart, Sign up for an account on their site, then CLICK HERE to join. The pool password is “geaux”

As always, our picks are non-weighted, against the spread. I’ll try to get the games selected as soon as lines are available, generally Tuesdays, but like everything this year, we’ll play it by ear. The picks for each game are due at kickoff of each individual game, so you can wake up late on Saturday and still make your selections.

Picks on this “opening week” go from Thursday all the way to Labor Day Night’s BYU-Navy game.


  • #bearclawsup
  • #SMTTT
  • Marshall
  • $MU
  • UNT
  • Memphis
  • Southland’s Own SFA

Navy-BYU will also serve as this week’s Tiebreaker game