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Playin’ Nice: For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Landon Young previews the Bulldogs

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Well folks, it’s game week.

Saturday LSU begins its 2019 national title defense, and the first team to get a crack at the champs are the Mississippi State Bulldogs led by...

Sea Captain from The Simpsons voice

YAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH it’s Mike Leach the Pirate here to bring the air raid offense to the treacherous waters of the SEC!!!

Anyway, here to preview the Bulldogs is For Whom the Cowbell Tolls managing editor Landon Young. You can find Landon on the twitter @96ForeverYoung and FWTCT can be found @mstatesports.

1. Can the Mike Leach, air raid offense actually work in the SEC or will the higher level of competition catch up to Leach’s scheme?

We will see what happens. I imagine Saturday will be a practice experience of what to expect from the air raid. It’s really hard to give a definite answer here because Leach could certainly bring something that the SEC has never seen before or it could become so difficult to run this offense because of how great SEC defenses are. We’ll be facing one of the better secondaries on Saturday so... we will see.

2. K.J. Costello is the second most experienced quarterback in the conference, and I feel like that has to count for something. What does Costello bring and how has he looked running the show?

MSU fans enjoy comparing Costello to Tommy Stevens (flop), but I can’t tell you enough how different the two are. Stevens had maybe started four games at Penn State before transferring to MSU. Whereas, Costello, as you said, is experienced and ready to throw the football. Costello brings his arm, which from the outside looking in, is exactly what Leach’s offense needs.

3. Kylin Hill is on the short list of best running backs in the conference, but also had some rough outings last year. Should we expect another All-Conference effort from Hill in 2020?

I really do believe that this could be Hill’s biggest year, but that might be as a receiver. Don’t be surprised if Hill leads MSU in receptions on Saturday on afternoon.

4. State lost its first, third and fourth receivers from last year’s team. Do they have the receivers to run the offense Leach wants? And how successful could this group be against an LSU secondary that’s one of the best in the country?

State lost its first, third, and fourth receivers who weren’t great receivers. We hope Leach and Spurrier have totally reloaded the receiver position.

5. The Bulldogs hired one of the best up and coming coordinators out there, San Diego State’s DC Zach Arnett (great first name imo). Arnett’s Aztecs were one of the stiffest run defenses in America the last two seasons. What would make Arnett and his 3-3-5 defense successful in year one?

Success from Arnett’s defense starts with the Bulldog captain, Errol Thompson. Thompson will lead that defense in the direction Arnett will want it to go.

Can’t wait for Saturday. Prediction: 45-40 BULLDOGS!