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Sneaky Good 87: At Least Flags Fly Forever

We try and find the happy in defeat

Poseur and Chris are joined by Max Toscano and Zachary Junda to talk about the season opener against Mississippi State. Is this LSU team really that bad? Is that State team really that good? Take a deep breath, Tiger fans, all is not darkness and despair. Let the Sneaky Good guys fill you with hope and let’s just have fun with what is going to be a weird and wacky season of football.

See, we got the boss man on this thing now! there is no stopping the Sneaky Good Pod’s march to world domination. Except money, a plan, and really the will to do so. But other than that... world domination.

This is the one where Poseur makes an IDIOCRACY reference only to be met by total silence from his young co-hosts. I hate young people and the realization of time passing, making us all one step closer to death. How was that 15 years ago?

Damn you, space-time continuum.

Intro/outro song is “Je Suis Fier de Toi” by The Mudbugs Cajun & Zydeco Band from their 2010 album “Mudbugs”. Used with permission and gratitude!