2021-22 LSU Football Scholarship Numbers

Been doing this in the comments sections but figured I'd just make a fanpost here with the picture being clearer after the Jan. 18 NFL Draft opt-in deadline.

I know a lot of people on site at ATVS are very interested in LSU's scholarship numbers for this season and beyond. Here's where LSU stands as of Jan. 25 for its roster next season

(Note: There may be a few players/positions I missed movement on but think I've got most of it)

More notes: LSU only has 81 spots for next year due to self-imposed limits and I'm assuming LSU signs a full 25 in this class (which hey, they may not).

Scholly numbers by position BEFORE THE 2021 RECRUITING CLASS:

Brennan, Johnson, Finley

TDP, Emery, Bradford

Taylor, Moffitt, Storz

Kirklin, Jenkins, Palmer, Boutte, Moore, Adams

Deculus, Shanahan, Ingram, Hines, Rosenthal, Wire, Dumervil, Thomas, Bradford, Hill, Turner

Anthony, Logan, Farrell, Gaye, Fonua, Cherry, Ojulari, Roy, Guillory, Evans, Little, Taylor

Baskerville, Clark, Sampah, White, Webb, Lee (could play either TE or LB)

Evans, Stingley, Ward, Flott, Ricks, McGlothern, Jones

Lewis, Harris, Hampton, Toles

York, Skinner, Atkins

The Breakdown

Okay, so here's what this means for LSU:

  • The position breakdown above shows 59 players currently on scholarship
  • A 25-man 2021 class would put LSU at 84, three above the 81 limit
  • You figure that there will be some attrition (transfers, ineligibles, etc)
  • Prime candidates: a QB + young OL, DL, LB and/or DB (Finley, Cherry, Fonua, Hill, Webb, etc)
  • Have to believe guys who announced they were coming back for this year + 2021 croots aren't transferring before the season starts, so that eliminates 40 possible transfers already
  • Figure with light (not zero) attrition, LSU should be in 78-81 scholarship range for 2021
  • O and staff did an amazing job to still likely be around 80 after the re-recruiting
  • Given the numbers, even 2 more guys leaving on each side of the ball could have left things thin
  • Bottom Line: LSU shouldn't be too thin at any one position or for total players in 2021
  • What about 2022?

    Good question. The number of "seniors" isn't that different than usual but most non-Class of 2020 or 2021 players are at least a possibility to leave after 2021. Luckily, LSU doesn't have a ton left!

    100-percent out of eligibility after 2021 (9)
    Kirklin, Moffitt, Deculus, Shanahan, Anthony, Logan, Farrell, Evans, Lewis

    I'd be shocked if they're back after 2021 (5)
    Brennan, Stingley, Gaye, Ingram, Rosenthal

    Seems likely they'll leave after 2021? (2)
    Hines, Harris (2021 already his 5th year, S will be loaded in 2022)

    Total wild cards AKA if they have a strong 2021 season they could declare (8)
    Emery, TDP, Jenkins, Wire, Baskerville, Clark, Hampton, Strong (talented 2021 JuCO LB)

    Some 2022 notes:

    • Honestly surprised by how few guys LSU will auto-lose to eligibility or sure-thing NFL Draft
    • Let's say LSU ultimately has 79 scholarship players on the 2021 roster
    • Let's say LSU loses ~18 of the 24 above to eligibility/the draft after 2021
    • Subtract another 4-6 transfers in the 2021-22 offseason
    • Add another (presumed) 25-man 2022 recruiting class
    • That works out to ~79 MINUS ~23 PLUS 25 which would mean...
    • Final 2022 Roster Scholarship Guess: I'd have LSU in the 79 to 82 range
    • While not ideal, 80ish for 2022 after all the attrition in the 2018-19 classes would be huge
    Thanks for reading and always curious to see how fellow fans feel about the roster situation and/or what you think of my NFL/transfer hunches for post-2021.

    As always: Geaux Tigers