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Initial Impressions: LSU 49, Florida 42


Florida v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images


Look, I was getting totally ready to bemoan LSU staying in cover 1 forever, getting ready to bemoan those critical 3 penalties that kept LSU from blowing this out in the first half, all of that.

Then Todd Grantham happened. LSU got the aptly named Jack Mashburn into the H-Back spot and SPAMMED counter against Todd Grantham’s tite front over and over and over and over. Ty Davis-Price ran the ball all over East Baton Rouge Parish and beat Leonard Fournette’s (not that other guy) single game record for rushing. Who’da predicted that would happen this year huh? LOL FLORIDA.

Look, LSU almost Poseur’s law-d this one with those penalties, and the defense refused to adjust out of cover 1 when it started to hurt them in the second half, but WHO CARES!?! This was about Jake Peetz making adjustments that started against Kentucky, this was about the OL run blocking out of its mind, this was about the best LSU player of all time, Jack Mashburn, MAShing the hell out of people on kickouts and lead blocks. This was about some nice INTs, this was about a team playing hard for Coach O, who is still almost certainly gone after this season.

He, however, has earned the right to finish this season.

Enjoy this one Baton Rouge, go forget the rest of your day. Geaux Tigers.